Darrell Stephenson

Served 1983 to 1984
darrell_stephenson (at) yahoo (dot) com
Areas Served
Daniel C. Jensen, Wade J. Jacobson, Jeff A. Frame, Todd A. McIntosh, Terrance Taylor, George D. Hickman, Dan Pingree, Matt Sagers, Martin J. Lundquist, Daniel C. Jensen, Gorden W. Gubler, Joseph D. Shelby, John C. Anderson, Jeffrey R. Hone, Delores Stokes, Albert E. Knudson
Safford, Arizona
Personal / Family Status
Married Lori D. Allen in 1986, we have four children, 3 daughters, 1 son, he served in Chile during the big earthquake and the mine collapse. All are married, we have 15 Grands as of 2022. Life is sweet.. Enjoy!
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I moved to Winslow Arizona for 27 months in 2014. I found Elder Terry Taylor there and served with him in the same employ. To enjoy an old companionship once again is a blessing beyond measure. The Lord is merciful and Kind. Our time there has closed and Lori and I have returned home to Safford, in the Gila Valley.. posting 2022: We are in our late 60's now, Time has a way of taking the fizz out of a good bottle. We love The Lord Jesus Christ and We Love You!! May We re-Light the cold hearts with the Ministering flames of example, The light Of Christ.. May You Be Forever Blessed, tell We meet again.
Created: July 27, 2003
Last Updated: May 6, 2022

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