The Heavens by the Sea

By J. Thurman Skipper

Welcome to Beautiful North Carolina
Nature's ever-flowing fountain,
Where the sun bathes her feet in the Atlantic Ocean
And pillows her head in the great Smokey Mountains.

Virginia, North Carolina South,
And west to Tennessee,
Scenic beauties high and low
From the mountains to the sea.

I suppose you'd call me Jonnie Reb
Because I'm from Caroline,
Born and bred a Tarheel
Near the Atlantic Coastline.

Where the people say "Howdy, y'all"
And smile when they meet,
They tip their hats and extend a hand
To everyone they greet.

The children all say "Yes, ma'am"
And "excuse me" when they sneeze,
They say "Papa" and "No, sir"
And "Pass the biscuits, please."

The folk bow their heads and thank the Lord
For all they have to eat;
They go to church on Sunday
And have a spiritual treat.

They love thier neighbor as their self
And lend a helping hand
To any fallen brother.
God bless this wonderful land.

Where honesty and integrity
Are as common as ABC
And as down to earth as a sweet potato
With their homespun philosophy.

But come judgement morning
When time no more shall be
And the saints are all wondering
Where they'll spend eternity,

When they call my name I'll answer, "Here,"
And I hope my lot will be
Go to North Carolina,
The Heaven by the Sea.

Thanks to Rommyn Skipper (grandson of Thurman Skipper) for textual corrections. The poem now reads as it was originally published.