Southern Culture

Some of the foods that are rather unique to the South are:


The following are a few phrases that are often used in the South.

  • a mess a (a lot of)
  • yonder (over there)
  • y'all (You or you people--of course)
  • cut the switch (turn on/off the light, TV, etc.)
  • carry (to give a ride to)
  • feller (a person, usually male)

Just for fun, the Dictionary for Yankees and other Uneducated People by Bill Dwyer suggests the following "Southern" words:

  • AIN'T - The sister of one of your parents.
  • BEGGER - Some people just naturally grow this way over smaller people.
  • CHAIR - "C'mon naow, let's hair a big CHAIR for the team."
  • GOWN - "Pappy's GOWN to Birming'ham."
  • HOMINY - What number, i.e., "HOMINY children do you declare?"
  • LACK - Enjoy, i.e., "If yo' LACK biscuits, you'll LACK my mammy's."
  • MINT - Intentions, i.e., "Ah MINT to call, but it slipped my mind."
  • NECKS - What the barber says after he's finished with a customer.
  • PEARS - Appearance, i.e., "She PEARS to be sickly."
  • PIN - "This PIN don't write, hit's outten eenk."
  • POLICE - A term of politeness all southern children are taught, i.e., "POLICE get off my foot, ya clumsy ox!"
  • PUTTY - What you are if you're not ugly.
  • ROUGH - The cover over a building.
  • SNOWS - Many a wife is kept awake nights by a husband who SNOWS.
  • TAR - If one blows out, it's nice to have a spare.
  • WAR - You'll find it strung between telephone poles.
  • YEAR - You have one on each side of your head.

The following words were submitted by readers:

  • FISH-CAMP - A seafood restaurant (submitted by Neal Konneker)
  • FIXIN' - About to do something...."fixin' to go to the store" (submitted by Lynn Daughtry)
  • RECKON - I figure - "I reckon I ought to go now" (submitted by Lynn Daughtry)
  • MASH - To push as in a button or a gadget... "mash the button" (submitted by Juli Dalton)
  • LIKE TA HAVE - To almost, as in "I'd like ta have hit him" (submitted by Nick Christensen)
  • IN FRONT OF - Across the road, as in "They live in front of so-and-so" (submitted by Barry Anderson)
  • FUR PIECE - As in "Oh, it's jest a fur piece down the road..." (submitted by David Tedder)
  • WINDAS - Pronounciation of windows